Smile, Rockland! Dr. Narang keeps students, parents smiling for start of school


Carrie Bates (Dr. Narang's hygienist) and Theresa Huebner
Carrie Bates (Dr. Narang’s hygienist) and Theresa Huebner

STONY POINT – One of the first things students notice about Fieldstone Middle School teacher Theresa Huebner is her brilliant smile.

“It really makes an impression on them,” Huebner said. “I tell them about how I’ve taken good care of my teeth all along and explain what I do diet-wise and also coming to the dentist regularly and having a regular dentist.”

Huebner’s dentist is none other than Dr. Seema Narang, the family dentist of Stony Point.

With the dawn of the new school year, Dr. Narang is busy with student patients. Most of the appointments are checkups right before school starts, but Narang’s office is equipped to handle dental surgery such as fill ins and crowns.

Narang loves working with the kids, enjoying the interactions. “To be honest, it’s really…the talking that gets to me,” Narang said. “It’s so much fun. You know, they’re so true to themselves when you ask them a question. It’s just so innocent and I love that.

Julianna and John Huebner
Julianna and John Huebner

Whether she’s regaled with stories of the Tooth Fairy leaving them extra money when they lose a tooth or hearing a tall tale of children who brush their teeth 500 times per day, Narang enjoys talking to and teaching students about good oral hygiene habits.

“Dental health, it really starts early,” Narang said. “I have a good number of adults, senior citizen patients with wonderful teeth and I look at them and I know [good oral health habits] started early for them.”

Huebner and her two children, John and Julianna, visit Dr. Narang regularly.

“We love her,” Huebner said. “She’s so patient and kind and she has a sense of humor and we have a lot of different dental issues and she’s been able to handle them all and I really appreciate her both as a parent and as a client.”

Dr. Narang wished all the students good luck going into the new school year.

Narang’s office is located at 15 North Liberty Drive in Stony Point. She can be contacted at 845-786-5813 or online at


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