Clarkstown PD reports another ‘Green Dot’ fraud against a senior citizen

Clarkstown PD says a local senior was duped into transferring $2,000 via “Green Dot” money cards to fraudster who called him and claimed to be his grandson.

The senior, an 82-year-old resident of Nanuet, received the call Friday, September 12, 4:40 p.m. from the phony “grandson,” requesting bail money for a mythical arrest in Las Vegas. The unidentified caller instructed the victim to purchase Green Dot Cards, from a CVS Pharmacy, and to put $500 on each card.

In total the victim put $2,000 onto the card. A family member stopped the fraud before the grandpa transferred even more money.

Clarkstown PD said, “This is another case of suspects calling elderly citizens and demanding them to purchase Green Dot money cards in order to defraud them of their funds.”

CPD is asking that the general public to be cautious in accepting demands for money over the phone. CPD said if you have any elderly family members or friends, alert them to these ongoing scams.

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