Assemblymembers Jaffee and Zebrowski Encourage Ramapo Residents to Vote “YES” on Proposed Ward System


On September 30 residents of the Town of Ramapo will have the opportunity to vote on how its town board is elected. There will be two questions on the ballot. Question 1: “Shall the ward system be established for the election of councilmen in Ramapo?” and Question 2: “Shall the number of councilmen or councilwomen of the Town of Ramapo be increased from four to six?”

Currently there are four positions that are voted “at-large,” meaning current members may not represent a particular area of the town. A ward system would provide a more proportional or neighborhood/geographical representation for residents. This is similar to the change the Rockland County Legislature made to its system many years ago.

“Democracy functions best when it is representational,” said Jaffee (D-Suffern.) “A ward system would allow town officials to be more responsive to local issues. It would provide more opportunity for residents to have a place at the table and their voices heard. I understand that concerns have been raised over how the lines will be drawn if the ward system is passed. However, according to NY State law, the local Board of Elections will assume responsibility for drawing lines. I encourage Ramapo residents to vote “Yes” on both ballot questions at their regular polling places on September 30.”

“Ramapo is one of the largest towns in the State and a ward system would benefit all the residents by encouraging more participation and debate among the town’s diverse population. I urge residents to vote “yes” on the two ballot questions on September 30,” said Zebrowski (D-New City).

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