Local Internet newsman catches woman in act of election fraud

Richard Gandon of the news site Rockland Star has caught a woman in a potential act of election fraud, as she identified herself as a representative of the Rockland Board of Elections to him over the phone, instructing him to vote ‘No’ on the Ramapo ward referendum today.

Listen to the riveting footage here: NEWSMAN CATCHES WOMAN IN ACT OF FRAUD

Gandon and other news outlets including the Rockland County Times were tipped off by local voters that the phone number 845-414-9099 had been sending out robocalls instructing people to vote ‘No.’ The number also had been receiving calls for transportation requests to the polls and operators were sometimes identifying themselves as official election representatives.

Rockland County Board of Election Commissioner Kristen Stavisky responded to the incident as follows: “The Rockland County Board of Elections is a bipartisan, impartial body. We do not support candidates, proposals, or referenda. If you receive a phone call from an individual or individuals purporting to be the Rockland County Board of Elections, suggesting you vote in the Ramapo Ward Election, and attempting to influence your vote, please contact Commissioner Zebrowski Stavisky or Commissioner Babcock immediately at 845.638.5172 or via email at voterinfo@co.rockland.ny.us.”


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