Zebrowski steps up: Introduces state legislation to better regulate future referendum votes, promises investigation of any irregularities during today’s “Ward” vote

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski on Today’s Ward Vote

“Earlier this week I stated that I would be introducing legislation to enable poll watchers during ballot referendum votes. Now, as I read reports of voter confusion during today’s ward vote in Ramapo, I think it is abundantly clear that the laws governing referendum elections need to be reviewed and amended. The process of who can vote and how the votes are cast and counted must be certain and not open to misinterpretation. The public deserves to have confidence in referendum elections and I intend to conduct a thorough review to ensure a fair and open process in the future.

I invite all residents and officials to contact my office at 845-634-9791 or zebrowskik@nysa.us with their experiences and suggestions as I look into the need for new legislation.

As for reports of possible fraud, impersonations and other dishonest behavior, I believe law enforcement and the State Board of Elections should conduct an immediate investigation. If these reports are substantiated and laws were broken, those responsible should be prosecuted.”


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