Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Heartbreak Hotel


Sometimes with relationships you need to deal with heartbreaks. Some people sadly have to deal with heartbreak a little too much, before they get to see their rainbow. As for me, if you’ve read my book, “Hello Love, Where’s Cupid?” you know that I’ve had my share of heartbreaks. But what you don’t know is how I handle them within. The one thing I have always turned too in times of heartbreak, injustice, and complete sadness is poetry. There’s no right way to write down your feelings, no matter what people try and tell you. And I would love to pass this suggestion to those out there reading this. Instead of doing something that you in turn will regret doing and can’t take back, turn to a pen and paper.

So, here are 3 poems that I have written about certain guys and situations that have brought me unspeakable heartbreak.


I’m sorry that I’m an inconvenience to your so perfect unhappy life.
I should have thought twice before I let you in to play.
You might as well have raped me like a beast,
For I let you feast on me for free.
My innocence is gone.
I have nothing to believe.
Now instead you want me dead!

But honey, I’m already dead!
When you drained all of my happiness from me!
My stamina for life has stuttered, unwillingly.
Maybe this means that you must love me.
Should I celebrate in the joy?
That I was once your favorite toy?
Should I just forget about making amends?
And just return to the corner of your mind until you wish to play with me again?

You’re so pathetic, you ungrateful piece of crap!
Tell me, don’t you remember all the times when I had your back?
You think it’ll be so easy to pack up all the memories,
But you have no respect or concern for me and it shows.
You love the fact that you’ve made me miserable.
Because only you can become a hero and rescue me from destructing!
Go ahead, you might as well try to resuscitate my limp body,
And breathe new life into me.
Maybe this means that you must love me!

Should I rejoice, in your choice?
To break me down even more to the ground that I am?
Well my friend,
Here I go again!
Maybe my mind’s playing tricks.
I hope that is it!
Or maybe this means that you must love me.


If I had the chance to tell you;
What I feel inside-
Would you listen or would you hide?

If I had the chance to hold you;
What would it feel like?
Would the butterflies I feel start to dance or would they disappear in fear of the night?

If I had the chance to kiss you;
Would your body melt in mine?
Or would my tears that I cry,
Wash away the stains of heartbreak and emptiness I feel inside?

We can not be certain where we end up or where we shall go,
Time never stands still.
But the “What ifs” are cruel,
And the wise then become the fool.

If I had the chance to tell you;
Just how strong this love can be,
Would you listen and believe me,
Or would you run and deceive me?

Love is a strong word,
Yes, this I know,
Often misused, often abused,
But if I had the chance to love you,
I would with all my might.

I don’t know where I stand with you,
And I don’t know how you feel about me.
All I know is that every time I think of you,
Which is constantly,
All I want is to be with you – If I had the chance.

I do my best with soap and water.
I even scrub under my nails.
But it does no good when you are in my system.
You are a germ that just won’t go away.
You are in every inch of my skin.
Okay, you win!
So I have no choice,
There’s no reason to fight.
So I guess it’s destiny saying,
You should be part of my life.
Somehow, some way,
How long has it been since you done anything this good?
Get off your butt,
Come on, have some guts!
You know that I can’t fight the feelings I have for you,
But yet, you won’t do anything about it.
Except all you do is keep me hanging on,
Wondering when you will take that first step.
Honey, I understand that you have a rep,
But please, quit acting so boyish.
Be a man, become my man,
You can’t fight the moonlight, either.
You are in every inch of my skin,
For that you may think that you already win.
But I have ideas that creep inside my head.
Actually, this germ I have will one day spread,
Into your body, mind and soul.
It will haunt you.
It will taunt you.
And after it does everything to you the same as it has done to me,
You’ll see,
No soap or water will be ever able to get rid of me.

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