Champlain Hudson Power Express Receives Presidential Permit

Transmission Developers Inc. announced Monday that the United States Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a Presidential Permit for the Champlain Hudson Power Express, a locally controversial 1,000MW buried transmission line that will connect New York City and Quebec, running a path straight through the Town of Stony Point waterfront.

A Presidential Permit is required for the construction, operation, maintenance and connection of electric transmission facilities at the international borders of the United States.

The vast majority of the Champlain Hudson Power Express 333-mile HVDC transmission line is buried underneath the bed of the Hudson River and Lake Champlain. However, the line takes a detour through Stony Point due to environmental groups who say they want to protect the mating grounds of local bass. Groups, such as Scenic Hudson, have signed on to the project in return for millions in dedicated funding from TDI and others for environmental projects.

The Town of Stony Point has been resisting the project, but so far to no avail.


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