Enterovirus decreases in frequency

Although the Ebola scare is still present, there is hope that enterovirus will show a decline and cause less worry to people, especially families with children.

Enterovirus cases are most prominent with children, making the virus prominent from spreading person to person rapidly. The infections symptoms include fever, congestion, and muscle aches; severe symptoms include wheezing and intense respiratory pain (worse if a person suffers from asthma). The virus can spread from an infected person’s respiratory secretions like mucus or saliva. According to the CDC, they expect to notice a decline with infections by late fall.

EV-D68, has been the most common enterovirus identified in the States. Cases have been confirmed in places as close as New York City, Yonkers, Long Island; as well as New Jersey in Suffolk County and Union County. In total this year, from August to present time, there have been confirmed 938 people in 46 states have received respiratory issues from EV-D68.

The CDC is hoping to see a trend in decline of EV-D68. Since the end of the fall season is near, experts will be continuing to look at informational documentation from states and hospitals. This is to address that the virus shows a national trend in decline.

Source: (www.cdc.gov/non-polio-entervirus/outbreaks)

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