Rockland County Times official endorsement: For Congress, vote for a future president, Chris Day

Chris Day aThere’s only one person in Rockland County who might be president of the United States someday, and he’s running for Congress in next week’s election against longtime incumbent Nita Lowey. Why not vote for him? Chris Day is his name.

At 29-years-old Day displays leadership qualities and astuteness most will not develop in their lifetime.  He was a leader of men in the war in Afghanistan and is an Ivy League graduate. Still, he remains an approachable and affable person.

Nothing is going over this candidate’s head. He has command of all issues, including some his opponent probably has never thought deeply about, such as monetary policy. Day and his running mate Rob Astorino (governor) both have stood up to the frightening agenda of HUD, which aims to gain control over zoning of every community in the United States. This cause is particularly important.

You are not going to agree with every position a candidate takes and we don’t necessarily agree with every last platform plank Chris Day has put forward, but in the aggregate he offers a fresh voice, impressive understanding and a world of potential.  It would be foolish not to give him a chance to go to Washington DC.

Though he is trading on the political currency of his father’s name, he ultimately could rise beyond County Executive Day’s political stature, especially if he wins a seat in Congress at a young age.

A vote for Chris Day is an investment in one of Rockland’s best and brightest and will likely pay dividends. We encourage you to go out and cast your ballot for him on November 4.


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