Baby delivered by Clarkstown police dispatch during 911 call

Nina Mills
Nina Mills

By Michael Riconda

NEW CITY – A Clarkstown police dispatcher was placed in an unexpected role on Saturday when she assisted with the delivery of a baby girl during a 911 call.

The situation began when Nicole Felder, 25 of Pomona, attempted to transport her sister-in-law Mercedes Davila, 26 of New City, to the hospital shortly before 7 a.m on November 15 after Davila began to have contractions. on November 15.

However, it became apparent that they would not make it in time when Davila’s water broke and the baby’s head began to crown before they could reach the car. Police Dispatcher Lorraine Monahan took Felder’s subsequent emergency call and guided her through the process of delivering the baby.

The call lasted about three minutes, after which Davila and her newborn daughter Nina Mills were transported by the New City Ambulance Corps to Nyack Hospital. Both the mother and child are reportedly doing well.

Monahan, like all Clarkstown Police dispatchers, is a certified emergency medical dispatcher trained to provide first aid assistance over the phone. Aside from Nina, she has helped deliver two other babies.

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