Fraud Alert- IRS Phone Scam


unnamedOn Monday the Clarkstown Police Department responded to a large number of complaints reporting an IRS phone scam.

Each person stated that they had received a phone call from a computer generated female voice stating that she was with the IRS and that the IRS was going to be filing a law suit against the victim. The victims were instructed to call 315-307-3190 or 3184. Caller ID showed the calls came from the following area codes, 716, 917 and 932 thru 939.

The Clarkstown Police Department would like to remind anyone receiving a phone call from any government agency demanding money or filing a law suit that this is not the standard protocol of any such agency. These calls should be viewed as a fraud. In the past, fraudulent parties have used other agencies such as Orange and Rockland, cable companies, other public utilities and law enforcement agencies, demanding money via Green Dot cards.

The above listed companies/agencies are very aware of the ongoing scams and would not call you demanding immediate payment for any service or situation. The Clarkstown Police Department is currently investigating these Green Dot scams with the assistance of State and Federal agencies. If you have made any payments or have become a victim to this type of scam, please notify your local Police Department.

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