The busy holiday season also unfortunately is the season of increased activity by scammers. As a result, O&R this week renewed its warning about scammers trying to steal customers’ money by posing as utility company employees.

The most widespread scam is the Green Dot/ Money Pak phony-bill payment scheme. This scam is set up by thieves posing as utility company representatives. The crooks call customers, demanding immediate payment for what they fraudulently claim are delinquent electric and gas bills. The scammers intimidate the customers by threatening to disconnect the customers’ electric service that day if immediate payment is not made. The thieves usually demand that payment through a Green Dot/Money Pak, but it could also be through a prepaid debit card or even a credit card.

O&R urges anyone who is contacted in this fashion to break off contact with the crooks and call O&R Customer Service at 1-877-434-4100.

If you are called by someone who says they represent O&R and you wish to verify their identity, call O&R at 1-877-434-4100 to verify their identity and the nature of their business with you.

Remember, when in doubt, hang up the phone, and call O&R at 1-877-434-4100 to verify that the person you are dealing with is an O&R employee conducting legitimate business.

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