O&R Performs Work on Rockland Emergency Radio Tower Service


orO&R contractor crews continued their work Friday on a $750,000 project in Stony Point to add significant resilience to the electricity feed to Jackie Jones Tower, a critical location for emergency services radio and cellular communication throughout Rockland County.

O&R has already replaced dozens of existing poles with new poles of thicker, stronger design along 8,500 feet of Willow Grove Road. Now, O&R is installing spacer cable, a robust and resilient alternative to traditional open wire circuits.

O&R plans to spend approximately $15 million this year to provide additional storm protection at specific strategic electric and gas system locations in an effort to mitigate the impact of severe weather on O&R’s energy system.

This marks the second year of a three-year, $35.5-million construction program designed to make O&R’s energy systems more storm resilient. O&R spent approximately $10 million in 2013 on energy system improvements including building additional electric circuits, undergrounding strategic locations where multiple overhead circuits meet on distribution poles and expanding tree-trimming clearances at critical service locations.

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