Carlucci Saves the Day; Gets $30,000 Tax Bill Forgiven for Antrim Playhouse


The 78-year-old Antrim Playhouse, founded in 1936 by a group of college students, faced a serious problem owing $30,000 in back taxes to the Town of Ramapo and The Village of Wesley Hills. But State Senator David Carlucci sponsored a bill in Albany to give the non-profit theatre a three year tax exemption and was successful in getting the measure made law.

Carlucci was hailed as a savior of the showplace as he appeared there Saturday night at the opening of “A Christmas Carol-The Musical.” The Town of Ramapo and the Village of Wesley Hills cooperated with Carlucci on the action.

Antrim faces another serious problem, as revealed Saturday by Antrim President Marty Andreas. The theater’s furnace has to be replaced and Andreas says this is a large expense. He made a plea to theater goers to make donations to help pay for the replacement. Donations may be made to The Antrim Players. For information, visit

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