No Justice for Garner

garnerEric Garner of New York City suffered a heart attack following a widely criticized chokehold maneuver by a police officer during a July 17 arrest. A grand jury has decided not to indict the police officer who employed the maneuver, which has often been described as a banned move.

Unlike the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri in which credible evidence proved that Brown was violent and attacked a police officer and others, Garner appears on tape as merely defensive and irritable. Support for Garner’s case is more widespread than Brown’s although it has yet to touch as raw a national nerve.

Six police were aggressively questioning Garner over their suspicion he was guilty of the supposed offense of selling loose cigarettes for 75 cents each. Police knew Garner well, as we was arrested over 30 times on mostly petty charges.

Following the announcement of no indictment, thousands poured onto the streets of New York City to protest, adding to the climate of protest in the wake of tension from the Brown case.

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