To the Editor,

I would like to thank Senator David Carlucci sponsoring and passing Lauren’s Law, legislation that now requires all New Yorkers to decide definitively whether to be organ donors or not on their driver’s license applications. As a result of Senator Carlucci’s hard work and dedication to this issue, we have had over 13,000 new donors in the New York State Organ Donor registry. This translates to over one hundred thousand lives saved via organ donation.

As a recipient of a donor organ myself, I understand just how important each new donor who registers can be to a patient, and their family, who would otherwise be without hope. Senator Carlucci has helped restore this hope for so many gravely ill New Yorkers. He recognized our state’s substantial discrepancy between the 83% of New Yorkers who support organ donation and the mere 23 percent that are actually registered.

Senator Carlucci’s action will put an end to the sad reality of one New Yorker dying every fifteen minutes because they were unable to get a donor organ in time. I am tremendously thankful that Senator Carlucci has joined the effort to get more donors registered and save more lives.


Roxanne Watson

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