Glen Miller Christmas Show a Winner at Westchester Broadway Theatre


glenn miller orchestra 2014With a brand new young female vocalist, Natalie Angst, and a band ofmusicians from across the United States led by energetic Nick Hilscher(also a vocalist), the Glen Miller Orchestra had the fans standing at theend of a two hour concert at the Elmsford venue.

Playing many of the Miller standards such as “In The Mood,” “Tuxedo Junction,” “Gal in Kalamazoo,” “A String of Pearls” and the record that was the first gold record of all time “ChatanoogaChooChoo,” and mixing in several Christmas time tunes such as “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “Jingle Bells” (the only Christmas tune the original Miller band made),”Home for the Holidays,” “Winter Wonderland” and others it was a night ofmemorable music at WBT, now in its 41st year and going strong.

As the WBT flier said, it was a swinging holiday event and it went over big with the audience. Hilscher threw in the usual salute to veterans witha performance of “American Patrol.” The band led by Hilscher played a matinee and evening performance and then it was in the bus and off to another gig.

Hilscher said they play 48 weeks out of the year mostly in the UnitedStates, though they also do some overseas tours, including many in Japan,where they are very popular. The tempo, the presentation, the excellenceof the musicians and the singers made for a great evening.

I rate it a special four star event. They will be back next year.

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