Rockland County Times Editor-in-Chief Dylan Skriloff becomes owner/publisher

unnamed1 unnamed2Rockland County Times Editor-in-Chief Dylan Skriloff has acquired ownership of the publication and officially assumed the mantle of publisher.

Skriloff has been chief editor since 2009 and worked closely with the late Armand Miele, the paper’s former publisher.

“I am excited to become publisher of the newspaper and I pledge to bring Rockland County the most complete look at the weekly news possible,” Skriloff said.

The newspaper has been in near-continuous circulation since 1888 and was a North Rockland-focused publication for over 100 years before becoming a countywide newspaper in 1996. Prior to Armand Miele such personages as Sylvan Davis and members of the Haverstraw McCabe family led the newspaper.

“I’m standing on the shoulders of Rockland County giants. I can only hope to continue the great tradition of the Rockland County Times and take it to a new 21st century level,” Skriloff said. “Our popularity and relevance has increased with each passing year for several years now. Our website traffic and our print circulation both continue to increase. Rockland County’s desire for a powerful, independent media voice is clear and we aim to provide that.”

Skriloff added, “I would like to thank the Miele and Herndon families for their stewardship of the newspaper.”

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