Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: 15 of the Worst Online Dating Sites


Coming in 2015, my book, “Hello Love, Where’s Cupid?” will become a 2nd edition with NEW information and insight.  One of the main studies I do has to deal with online dating and how it doesn’t work like people want the consumer to think.

I am adding a series called, “The 15 of the Worst Online Dating Sites” to the 2nd edition. Here is a preview.  But before I give you the preview here’s something to remember about online dating sites, love and why they truly don’t work:  When you are looking to meet someone, you are looking to settle. Let Love Find You, then and only then do you know it is REAL!

Where I last left off on online dating sites I told you the following statistics:

With 1 out of 10 users being scammers and 1 out of 10 being pedophiles, or some other kind of sex offender, your odds are 20% of running into some serious trouble right off the bat. Some stats even show that 1 out of 10 pretty much quit right away, so the percentage of useless profiles are now up to 30%. Now to mention that 40% of men on this site are married, which leaves single women down to 30% of profiles in play. The good news is that if you are a man and you do go out on a date with someone you are “matched” with, your chances of having sex are pretty damn good- 33%. ( They are guys sadly that are only looking to have sex but according to Plenty of Fish, CEO, those men are put on the “bottom of the list.”

Today, we can 1 out of every 10 users are in fact a criminal which leaves 20% of profiles that are actually legit.  Here are 3 of the most popular online dating sites which are also 3 on the list of the worst dating sites. Remember, just because it is popular, doesn’t mean it actually works!

1- Zoosk – which is actually registered with the Better Business Bureau, has had 376 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years with 194 closed in last 12 months

On a complaint website that discusses Zoosk, there were 132 Negative Comments out of 133 total comments.  One of the most recent complaints written by someone who was using Zoosk was actually this past week, “Terrible rip off site. They send you messages supposedly from other subscribers, but the profiles for those subscribers have already been deleted when you do respond. They just make crap up out of thin air.  They should definitely be investigated by the FBI, since they are using the Internet to commit fraud they are guilty of Wire Fraud.”

2- – There are 1,141Complaints about on Consumer Affairs website.

The Most recent complaint about online was in November 2014:

“Can anyone stop from ripping people off? I have same problem as everyone else!  The site says you got a wink you reply suddenly profile hidden!  Site biggest rip off!  Government should shut them down for being fake!”

Another complaint that was just written, “I’m giving a warning to people about’s less than honest method of getting you to either sign up and or re-sign”

Finally there are MANY women who have written the same type of comment about where they are warning other women of men on the site that are scamming money out of them by using emotional hooking.

3- There are 1,135 complaints about EHarmony on Consumer Affairs website.

One complaint title was EHarmony is a Fraud and should be Investigated and it read like this:

“After the million questions, my so-called matches ALWAYS seem to be based one or more of the following four scantiest of criteria: “Like you Match X

-likes to travel and/or

-thinks you should spend money wisely and/or

-likes cats and/or dogs and/or

-went to college”

Seriously? A million questions and that’s the best eHarmony’s super-sophisticated algorithms can come up with? For every single one of my matches?”

When I wrote up on EHarmony on my first book, “Hello Love, Where’s Cupid?” I told everyone how EHarmony’s algorithms are a scam and are NOT scientific and also were not proven to actually work. I wrote that the actual success rate for eHarmony is less that 10%.  Today, that success rate is even less. Remember, just because they show you all these “success” stories doesn’t mean they actually are PLUS they never have revealed to the media what the divorce rate truly is.

What all these online dating sites have in common is that the most crucial information is not collected:

A- Individuals Characteristics of each partner which include personalities, attitudes and if each partner is relatively stable.

B- Quality of interactions – This can only be measured in person, not online. This includes how well the couple will communicate and also support each other.

C- Unforeseen Circumstances: This includes stress, financial problems, cultures, family issues, etc.

Remember, there is A BETTER Way to meet people, and online dating sites are NOT one of them.

** Hello Love, Where’s Cupid 2nd edition,  Coming soon **

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