Clarkstown to receive $150K for Nanuet transit re-development project

NANUET – The Town of Clarkstown is poised to receive $150,000 in NYSERDA grant funds for a long-awaited transit re-development project in Nanuet.

The project, funded through the state’s Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process, will aim to maximize the transit and commercial potential of Nanuet. Dubbed the “Nanuet Hamlet Center revitalization design plan and implementation strategy,” the plan will include updates to rail transportation, pedestrian access, drainage and electrical infrastructure

Specifically, the plan will include a new multi-modal transit station on the existing rail line as its centerpiece for rail accessibility to Nanuet’s residential and shopping centers, particularly the Shops at Nanuet. Updates to residential, commercial and mixed-use units are also expected in areas such as Main Street, where vacant storefronts and lots have become a frequent issue.

The plan will also aim to improve the atmosphere of the area and encourage foot traffic. New walkways, storefront updates, parks and parking decks are expected to be part of the plan as well.

“This is a great first step to really moving forward and developing plans for a Nanuet Hamlet Revitalization,” Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner said. “We have already brought needed local, state, and federal partners and residents to the table and now we will have the funding necessary to take these conversations to the planning process.”

Clarkstown officials have pursued revitalization plans for several years and appear poised for action with the new grant. The town adopted a new comprehensive plan in 2009 and partnered with a resurrected Chamber of Commerce in 2012 to solicit public commentary on how to maximize Nanuet’s value as a commercial hub.

Funding for maintenance of the rail station has been an issue in the past, as many feel the MTA has tended to neglect upkeep of stations in Rockland County.

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