1County Executive Ed Day today unveiled a cutting-edge, interactive mapping and information application designed to pinpoint a resident’s address in relation to the Indian Point nuclear power plants – with easy-to-use search functions.  Residents can access the application on a desktop computer or from any mobile device.

The app – accessible at – displays the ten-mile Indian Point Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ), which is divided into smaller sections called Protective Action Areas (PAAs). Residents can use the application as a proactive planning tool to identify the PAA in which they live, to review the suggested evacuation routes from specific PAAs, to determine which Public Reception Centers are available to them and to learn the locations of School Reception Centers. The site also provides information about the Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcast stations in the Rockland listening area.

“Providing residents with tools like this application enables families to better plan for an emergency,” said County Executive Day. “Residents can use the app as a stand-alone tool to prepare for an emergency at Indian Point, or in conjunction with the printed Are You Ready? guide recently mailed to addresses within the ten-mile Emergency Planning Zone. We encourage residents to utilize these user-friendly tools before an emergency happens.”

The application uses interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping with different layers of data that can be viewed together. Users can search by address, street intersection, tax map section/block/lot or by selecting a spot on the map. Mobile users can use their device’s Global Positioning System (GPS) feature to automatically determine their location. Once an address or location is determined to be within the 10-mile Indian Point EPZ, users can obtain emergency planning information specific to that address or location.

“We first launched an interactive Indian Point mapping application for Rockland residents in 2002,” said GIS Director Douglas Schuetz. “This updated version has expanded features and enables residents to access the information they need right from their mobile device, rather than having to use a desktop web application. We intend to redesign our other mapping applications based on this product, making them more user-friendly and accessible.”

The toolbar for the application enables users to manipulate the map by zooming in and out, panning, and even measuring the distance from their location to Indian Point. There is also a legend feature and an “identify” tool, which provides the names of features on the map, simply by clicking on them.

“Rockland residents have come to know that the sirens signal them to tune into an Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio or TV station for further information,” said Christopher Jensen, program coordinator for the Rockland County Office of Fire & Emergency Services. “This new app helps residents to determine where they are in relation to Indian Point and how best to respond.”

The “Indian Point Interactive Mapping” application was created by Wendel, Inc. of Buffalo, New York, in cooperation with the Rockland County Department of Planning and Office of Fire & Emergency Services. Costs for establishing the new tool were covered by emergency planning funds (non-County tax dollars).

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