Clarkstown Republicans Elect Former Supervisor Candidate Ralph Sabatini to Lead the Party

Ralph Sabatini
GOP Clarkstown Chairman Ralph Sabatini

At a meeting of Clarkstown Committee on January 5, Ralph E. Sabatini, New City, was unanimously elected as the new Clarkstown Republican Party chairman to serve a two year term. He succeeds Robert Axelrod, who had served for in that position for six years.

Sabatini, a New City resident of over 40 years, ran for town supervisor in 2011 and currently serves as a trustee of the New City Library and co-vice chairman of the Board of Rivertown Films, a community oriented not-for-profit association.

Ralph Sabatini has more than 40 years’ experience as a business and financial professional, serving as CFO for three different companies. He is a CPA and has consulted on financial matters with small, medium, and large companies, both public and private.


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