Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite” Cool at Antrim Playhouse


Plaza_SuiteThere is a lot of comedy and a lot of pathos in Simon’s play about three couples coming to Suite 719 at New York’s famous Plaza Hotel, all for different reasons.

The first couple, in Act One, had their honeymoon at the Plaza 23 years ago and Karen Nash (played by Donna Avery) wants it to be a romantic anniversary, but Sam Nash, her husband (played by Paul Diverio) is not in the mood. The Nashes argue and bicker and the couple from Mamaroneck does not wind up too happy with Sam finally leaving after his secretary, Jean McCormack (played by Victoria Gomez), arrives and tells Sam he is needed at the office to do a big contract. You can imagine the accusations this leads to..

Act Two features Muriel Tate, played by Plaza Suite director Kristin-Leigh Nicholson, who has been called and invited to Suite 719 by Hollywood producer Jesse Kiplinger (Ted Odell). The pair knew each other 17 years ago. Muriel has married and so has Jesse (three times). He plies her with drinks and she, while being defensive and coy, finally drinks a lot and they start kissing. Nicholson plays out the drama masterfully. Just how will this liaison culminate?

Act Three is the funniest and has a pleasing ending. It seems that Roy and Norma Hubley (portrayed by Rhea Vogel and Roy Harry) meet at Suite 719 for the marriage o ftheir daughter Mimsey, but Mimsey locks herself in 719’s bathroom and won’t come out. Roy and Norma do their best but everything they try, including attempting to break down the bathroom door, doesn’t work. Roy even tries to go out on the hotel ledge to go in the bathroom window, but no good. The bridegroom Norden Eisler (played by Anthony Gulla) is called in to help. The climax of this act is very funny and you can catch it at Antrim Playhouse on Spook Rock Road in Wesley Hills.

I rate “Plaza Suite” Three Stars Out Of Four!

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