Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: How to Win Her Back


It’s a fact that no woman will rekindle a romance that’s not moving forward. With that said, here are ten steps of how to win her back. You know, if case you realize that you screwed up by letting her go in the first place.

Ten: Own up

The first thing she will want to hear is the reasons behind why you left her/him and a REAL apology for any crap that you pulled. No matter what she did, doesn’t matter, because YOU are the one taking the responsibility for messing things up and that you realize your life is not the same without her.

Nine: Tell her you miss her

After you fess up and apologize, tell her/him that you missed her A LOT and that you tried to call or text, but you just didn’t know what to do or say.  Open your heart and just see what will happen next.

Eight: Start to slowly rekindle the friendship

Send a random text message during the day, “Hey, I was just thinking of you. Hope you are having a great day.” And then see if she responds back. If she responds, that’s good news, if she  doesn’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t want you back, it just means that there is more work for you to do.

Seven: Take it slow

Just because the ducks are in a row, doesn’t mean that you just take it from where you left off. After you start texting each other back and forth, try giving an actual call and chat for a bit. Then meet up for drinks, or a light meal together. NO romantic dates just yet. You want to flirt, and be light, you don’t want to drive romance down the throat!

Six: Do the work

You will need to open the lines of communication, text, call,  see him/her at casual meet-ups. If you want her/him back, you will need to do ALL the work. Make her feel special, loved, and make her know that the only one you want is her.

Five:  Don’t tell her you changed- ever. instead, show her

The worse thing a guy can ever do is use the phrase, “..but baby, I’ve changed.” Um, nope, you really haven’t. Unless you got thinner, more muscular, got a new job, or you changed your style, you pretty much are the same person. Maybe your outlook on life changed, but either way, she doesn’t need to hear it, instead she needs to see it.

Four:  Go for the kill

After you both spent a few causal times together, and you’ve opened the lines of communication again, go for it, and propose an actual first date.

Three: Say goodbye to the friend zone

If you have gone out on a romantic date and you started wooing her/him, that is it. You are now on the path to getting her back, but if you are talking to her as if she is your buddy, and there is no more romance, then forget it. She will leave you and this time for good.

Two: Don’t take anything for granted

So things are going great now. You both are talking and seeing each other often and having non-sexual fun.  So let her know that you appreciate her and everything that she does for you and even for others.

One:  Remind her of all the reasons she fell for you in the first place

In the end, she will forgive you for screwing up and take you back if you sweetly remind her of why she fell for you in the first place. Women love remembering things that touch their hearts and make them get all emotional. Reminding her simply of why and how she fell for you and how cute you guys are together. This is the step that will not only win her back but keep her with you forever.

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