Let’s Call Our Tuesday “Holiday” Out for the Fiasco it Really Was



I for one would like to call out the phantom holiday on Tuesday for what it really was: a fiasco and a failure of our government.

I am alarmed that the governor turned anyone driving on snow-free roads into a criminal Tuesday morning. I am more alarmed that so few of my fellow New Yorkers are alarmed!

“Better safe than sorry,” you say? Nobody was kept safe by the government’s inflexibility in the face of an obvious busted forecast for our region. By the time the governor’s driving ban on all roads took effect at 11 p.m. it was already clear the forecast was a bust. What stopped the governor from mitigating his directive? In my opinion nothing but hubris and perhaps a desire to experiment on the population can explain his intractable stance.

As a result of this decision to maintain a state of emergency when there was no longer even a threat of an emergency, the economy was slowed down for the rest of the week. At the Rockland County Times office our regular mail did not come in from the White Plains hub until Friday.

It is clear Andrew Cuomo is a neurotic and grandmotherly man, eager to sacrifice our freedoms in the name of overprotecting us, and in the process devaluing all of our lives by dulling the spirit of liberty.  Menopausal, spiritually vacuous men such as Mr. Cuomo and the recently departed from public life Mayor Michael Bloomberg, infamous for his soda regulating and gun-grabbing ways, have a basic insecurity that they apparently need to tend to through treating the people as little children, rather than their co-equals.

Cuomo is always at his most alpha when our state is hit by a minor weather emergency. It gives him something definitive to flap his wings about. In most other arenas he sounds like a delusional man who views himself as a messiah figure, even though the vast majority of New Yorkers tune out everything he says. During weather emergencies, the populace has no choice but to nominally listen.

Cuomo should have cancelled his emergency order long before 7 a.m. and attempted to get the state up and running at least at half speed for Tuesday.

Instead it was an entire day that Cuomo could look out over a desolate state, knowing he alone created the surreal unholiday that Unblizzard Day 2015 was. Mr. Cuomo fits right in with these times. Under the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama numerous aberrations and errors once though unhealthy or un-American are now not only accepted, but celebrated as a form of enlightenment.

In the instance of the un-blizzard, the New York government should be embarrassed to have deprived our economy of half a week of productivity and inculcated a lazy, European attitude in the populace. Instead Cuomo is merrily pawning off “better safe than sorry” and “we dodged a bullet.”

The weather is called the weather for a reason, we never know whether it will hit or miss. As such, offering zero degree of flexibility to a changing forecast is insane. We can laugh about our day off, or say it’s no big deal, but in the end one man put the screws to our economy and enforced a tyrannical law on the population that made anyone driving on perfectly safe roads into a criminal.

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