Film “Waterless” by Marc Daniels Set for Preview at Nyack Village Theatre


Marc Daniels, a former longtime resident of Rockland County, born in Suffern  and now living in Highland Falls, is the writer/director of “Waterless,” a film about a young man afflicted with a disease so rare there is no record of it in world history: He is allergic to water. A special research division of the U.S. Government gets wind of this and takes the young man, Gary Gerber, under its wing trying to find a cure. Some years go by and Gary begins to wonder whether the governments intentions are to help him or themselves.

This independent film has an impressive cast with Drew Bohlander making his film debut as Gary Gerber, the young man with the disease. Bohlander has been primarily a theatrical actor, but is now dipping his toes into the world of independent film. He has played to many live audiences and has been with the Bench Product with Chappetto Square Productions. Frank Logan, who plays Max, is a film and TV actor having done “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” “Mysteries at The Museum” and “I’d Kill For You” along with films like “Case #5930” and the upcoming “Cal-12.”

Kerri Dillon (Carla) loves to be in thought-provoking shows and has worked in television on “School Spirits,” “Caught Redhanded” and “Justice For All.” She was featured in a documentary “Act Up.” Kate Vohwinkel, who plays Karen, has been in the web-series “What Next” and has made a big splash in the wellness apparel industry with the launch of a new line Ohm K.

Stacy Kessler. who plays Gary’s mother, has modeled on NBC’s “Today Show,” played Shirley in the off Broadway hit “The Fabulous Allan Parsons Show” and had leads in off Broadway shows, “Amanda In A Bridge For Two,”  “How To Save Your Own Life” and many other show business credits.

Tiiu Wu, who plays Lindeman in “Waterless,” portrayed Kat in “Madame X” and has been in stage productions of “To Kill A Mockingbird” and Neil Simon’s  “Dear Brutus.” Mino Jones, who is a government executive in “Waterless,” has been in the films “Astrea,” “Kingdom Come” and “Now Forager” and the TV series “Frenemies” and “Empire City.”

Frank Vinci is the composer of the original score for “Waterless.” Vinci came out strong in the 80s with “Angela’s Theme” from “Sleepaway Camp,” is a multi platinum songwriter and has worked with many top artists such as Aerosmith, Von Halen, Alice Cooper and Michael Bolton, among others.

“Waterless” will be shown at Nyack Village Theatre Saturday, February 28 with two showings at 6 and 8:15 p.m. Information at 201-694-0610.

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