Finn requests proposed Legoland theme park provide revenue to school district and Stony Point


Stony Point Supervisor Geoff Finn announced last week his support for the Haverstraw Legoland theme park project on the condition that the developer assures “necessary infrastructure improvements” will be put in place.

Supervisor Finn indicated that the developer has already received $3.1 million in grant money from the State of New York for infrastructure improvements. In addition, Supervisor Finn stated that the Town of Haverstraw has received a $500,000 grant to demolish existing buildings on the proposed Letchworth Village site of the project.

Finn said, “Positive leadership in North Rockland requires a regional approach to economic development that looks beyond municipal borders.” He continued, “The Current Legoland proposal financially benefits the Town of Haverstraw and the County of Rockland, but as currently proposed, the project will provide very little financial support for the North Rockland School District.”

Finn contends this is largely due to the project property remaining Town of Haverstraw property under the terms of the proposed lease. Finn further stated that the project will require Stony Point municipal services, but will not pay any Stony Point taxes.

Finn is proposing a $2.50 per ticket Legoland Education and Taxpayer Support (LETS) supplement that would be charged to theme park visitors. Two dollars would be directed to the North Rockland School District while the other 50 cents would go to the Town of Stony Point to pay for municipal services that will be required to be provided by the Town of Stony Point including police, fire, ambulance and highway maintenance costs.

Based on the projected 2 million Legoland visitors per year, the LETS ticket supplement would generate approximately $4 million for the North Rockland School District and $1 million dollars to the Town of Stony Point. “Considering that Legoland’s target demographic is children 12 years of age or under, I believe the LETS supplement is an appropriate and feasible program for this project in our North Rockland Region,” said Finn.

Supervisor Finn urged this program to be implemented immediately to make any Legoland proposal a “win-win” for all in the North Rockland region.

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