To the Editor,

This military family would like to thank Pet Palace in New City for understanding the challenges we face and helping us out in our time of need.

With my son deploying from his base in Florida to Afghanistan, we agreed to take care of his dog during his deployment. The dog was crated and flown in, picked up and was in desperate need to be cleaned and groomed. Thinking this was a simple task, I contacted local outlets such as Petco and Petsmart and was informed that having a tag validating his rabies shots was not enough; they required the supporting paperwork of vaccination. Even after I explained that all my son’s paperwork was in transit and he was a soldier enroute to a war zone, they would not budge on what was represented as a “policy” not a law or regulation. The manager at Petco actually had the audacity to suggest that the rabies tag could have been switched to allow for a cleaning!

Pet Palace was a polar opposite experience. Roberta informed me that while they normally require written confirmation of a rabies vaccination that given the circumstances they would happily accept the rabies tag. She said that was the least they could do to help moderate the stress she knew my family was already going through with my son deploying. Within an hour, his dog was all cleaned up and I left with a “Thank you for your son’s service” ringing in my ears.

Thank you, Pet Palace, for your genuine care, concern and compassion.


Jean Day

New City

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