Inside the RCDAO: The Rockland County District Attorney’s “Spirit of Rockland” Special Victims Center

What is it?

Located on the campus of Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, the 3,000-square foot Special Victims Center provides care and support to crime victims with special needs, including children, the elderly, victims of domestic violence, sex crimes and human trafficking.  By partnering prosecutors, law enforcement, advocacy, medical and mental health and social service agencies in one, secure location, victims are assured that all available resources are brought to bear against the offenders responsible for the heinous crimes.

Why is it important to Rockland County?

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The Special Victims Center strongly supports victims and their families by working closely with criminal justice agencies and community partners to provide advocacy and counseling services on site.  Since its opening in 2010, the Special Victims Center has ensured improved courtroom efficiency, better perpetrator accountability and better victim safety.

The Special Victims Center is home to Lily, a therapy dog. The pure-bred Golden Retriever provides a unique kind of support, peace and security to victims of abuse and/or violent crime. Lily’s service enhances criminal prosecutions by providing a positive, therapeutic experience for our community’s youngest, most vulnerable victims.

What it costs?

The “Spirit of Rockland” Special Victims Center was designed and constructed free of charge, at no cost to local taxpayers through the generosity of local contactors and suppliers who donated all services and building materials. Good Samaritan Hospital continues to provide utilities and rent-free use of the space. The Center is fulfilling its mission of supporting victims as their cases move through the criminal justice system.

For more information:

Rockland County District Attorney’s Office 845-638-5001 or visit

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