Friedman Releases 37 Transparency Initiatives for Ramapo


After months of work and nput from Ramapo residents, Councilman Daniel Friedman issued a series of proposals aimed at increasing transparency in the operations of Ramapo Town Hall and its finances. The 37 distinct initiatives are intended to give town residents greater access to information about public meetings and town finances.

“The time has come to make positive changes instead of continuing to point fingers and restating the problems that exist,” Councilman Friedman said. “These proposals do just that, and they are constructive ideas that will bring our town’s government and residents together. Opening up the doors of Town Hall will only make our government stronger, and increase the public’s participation in the processes of government.”

The initiatives are broken down into five categories based on what the particulars of each proposal relates to: Transparency to the Public, Transparency of the Town Board, Transparency of the RLDC, Transparency of Finances, and Transparency of Personnel. Some of the key initiatives include:

  • Expanding the posting of notices of meetings, meeting agendas, and meeting minutes for the Ramapo Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Town Board.
  • Posting the town budget online through every stage of the process – from proposal to adoption –  and posting the financial audits of the town and the Ramapo Local Development Corporation on the town’s website.
  • Ending the practice of considering “New Business” items that have not been publicized to the public before meetings of the Town Board.
  • Expanding public participation during meetings of the Town Board.
  • Expanding the board of the Ramapo Local Development Corporation to include more members of the public who will serve one-year terms instead of endless terms.
  • Filling the position of Director of Finance and establishing a Comptroller in order to provide the Town Board and public with monthly reports on the true financial state of the town.
  • Posting all town jobs to be filled online so that residents have greater access to apply for positions.

    “We are all aware of the many challenges our town faces, and I have met and spoken with an incredible number of residents who shared their ideas about how to tackle them,” Friedman said. “This is the culmination of a long process that began well over a year ago, and the proposals I am making here have been forged with the public’s ideas as well as my own thoughts based on my experiences as a Councilman. These ideas will improve our town’s finances, operations, and our relationship with the public we serve.”

    The proposals are available for the public’s review on social media, including Twitter: @CouncilmanDF

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