Nyack College Women’s Softball Coach Kurt Ludwigsen, of Ridgewood, NJ, received six new charges at South Nyack/Grandview Court Monday, April 12, bringing his total to 100 misdemeanor accusations of sex abuse and harassment.

Picture 1Ludwigsen, a married man with two children, who made his name in California in the college sports world, was hired by Nyack College October of last year. Ludwigsen faces complaints of misconduct by 13 student athletes who said he fondled and kissed them against their wishes.

South Nyack Police Chief Brent Newbury told the Rockland County Times that, “Nyack College were the ones who alerted [authorities] to the [sexual misconduct],” Chief Newbury went on to state that, “The college could not have been more helpful.”

Charges ranged from one count of sexual abuse in the third degree, 49 counts of harassment with physical contact, and 44 counts forcible touching of another’s sexual or intimate parts. He also is accused of lewd comments.

Coach Ludwigsen employed the services of lawyer David Goldstein, former ADA in Nyack/Grandview courts. He is also lawyer to Stephen Boyle, who stands accused of indecent exposure to a minor at the same court on the same date.

Ludwigsen dressed in a red press plaid shirt, pressed khaki pants and suede shoes brought a large backpack with him to court and sat in the back row awaiting his call to the court bench. Press and media looked on as Judge Mascola, Lawyer Goldstein, and Coach Ludwigsen all whispered off the record.

Judge Mascola went back on record to accept no cameras in the courtroom without 24 hour notice and hand defendant Ludwigsen the six new charges and a new restraining order. As Ludwigsen exited the front of the small courthouse he told a neighbor he is not guilty of the charges.

It was subsequently revealed in local media reports that Ludwigsen had faced a prior probe into conduct when he was a coach of a girls traveling softball team for ages 15 – 18 in California.

Ludwigsen is due back in court May 11, 2015.

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