Mr. Boyle Goes to South Nyack Court

By Carol McIlmurray

SOUTH NYACK- Stephen Boyle, 62, of Nyack, who stands accused of exposing himself to a young teen in the South Nyack/Grandview area, went to the South Nyack Village Court on Depot Ave., Monday, April 12.


Boyle, who missed his first call to see Judge Mascola at the court bench, arrived 35 minutes late dressed in a wrinkled light blue button down collared shirt  and carrying a large walking cane to answer court charges of exposing himself to a local teen. The courtroom was packed with a mob of people answering to traffic violation tickets and a sprinkling of criminal charges.

A small group of local and national media were present to follow Coach Ludwigsen of Nyack College who now stands accused of 100 counts of inappropriate and lewd behavior toward members of his Women’s Softball Team. Boyle and Ludwigsen are employing the services of David Goldstein, former South Nyack/Grandview ADA.

Boyle could be overheard on the phone by a venerated member of the local press exclaiming, “Thank God, I thought [the cameras] where here for me,” in reference to media coverage of Coach Ludwigsen, of Ridgewood, NJ.

Outside the courthouse Boyle spoke to the Rockland County Times and stated, “There is nothing to say. I got stopped [on other charges] and somehow this all magically got lumped onto me.”

The hearing was adjourned.

Boyle was also observed by the RCT in downtown Nyack on numerous occasions roaming the streets wearing a turquoise face-mask and hooded jacket in varying degrees of weather. Both Boyle and Ludwigsen are due back in South Nyack/Grandview Court on May 11, 2015.

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