To the Editor,

Over the past few months nothing has become more evident then blatant disregard for our community and our residents!  Certain appointed and elected officials could care less about the common good of our town. They just want to please their friends. It appears that these friends are those who line their pockets by hiring their businesses or by giving them campaign donations.

The Anellotech project is of much concern to our community. So much so, that it brought people out in full force to our towns last few Planning Board and Town Board meetings! Despite all the evidence and outrage against the project, it seems the deck was stacked against us from the beginning.

Our planning and zoning laws are outdated and need to be revised immediately. A company like Anellotech must not be given the opportunity to move into our precious community. The members of the Planning Board who voted in favor of this project should be ashamed of themselves for putting the lives of our citizens in such danger.

A few months ago, Town Supervisor Andy Stewart put forth a proposal to place a moratorium on certain projects while the town would review our Planning and Zoning laws. Unfortunately, our Town Board members voted against this proposal. This is outrageous and cannot continue as “business as usual.” These elected officials were voted into office in good faith. Sadly, their actions are not worthy of our continued support.

On November 3, two of those members, Tom Morr and Paul Valentine are up for re-election.  Several months ago, I announced that I would run for a Town Board position.  One major factor that helped me make this decision was the need to change the culture in our town. It has been prevalent for too long! The Anellotech project is a prime example of why I am running and why we need change on Nov 3rd!

When elected, I can honestly assure you that I will not take this position and or our residents for granted. We must remain vigilant in making sure that our town’s character remains at all costs.


Chris Smith

Democratic Candidate, Orangetown Town Board

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