To the Editor,

There are several items that require photo ID. I will list 13 right now off the top of my head. 1- Buy a gun. 2- Buy or rent a car. 3- Get a license for fishing and hunting. 4- Enter an airplane. 5- Prove your age at a casino. 6- Apply for a mortgage. 7- Adopt a pet. 8- Pick up a prescription. 9- Donate blood. 10- Take a test recommended by your doctor. 11- Apply for a marriage license. 12- Purchase cigarettes and alcohol. 13- Apply for unemployment. So please contact your senators/congerssmen/women to pass voter ID. This will help control voter fraud. Insist they make this a law before the election of 2016.

My question is why are the Democrats so against this?

Rosemary Mariotti
Stony Point

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