“Second Amendment Organization” Launches Charleston, SC Victims Fund


The Second Amendment Organization [2AO], has launched a fundraising campaign to aide the families affected by the horrible tragedy at Emanuel AME last week.

The funds, which will be raised by the organization’s 160,000 members and 26 state chapters, will be given in their entirety to the Emanuel AME church’s administration to be distributed appropriately to those in need.

“We as individuals and fellow citizens of America, can never truly understand the pain and sadness that the Emanuel AME church community has felt,” said Bryan Crosswhite, “the least we can do to help is to mitigate the financial burdens that have been caused by this tragedy.   This type of domestic terrorism could happen anywhere at any time and we must unite as a nation to not only protect our fellow man, but also aid them in their time of need. That is why today, we have launched this fund to help the families of the victims of this tragic shooting.”

Persons wishing to contribute can go to causes.anedot.com/charleston-sc-victims-fund.

2AO was developed to support business owners who support the Second Amendment and connect those businesses with like-minded persons throughout the world.

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