A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER: No Stores Busted in Latest Underage Alcohol Sales Sweep


On July 15, 2015, The Town of Ramapo Police Dept. in conjunction with the Rockland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (S.P.C.C.) and Rockland County Stop DWI, conducted an alcohol sales compliance check of businesses located within the Town of Ramapo. An undercover agent less than 21 years of age attempted to purchase alcohol from various businesses.

No businesses sold alcohol to the undercover agent.

The following establishments were found to be in compliance:

-Walmart 250 Rt. 59 Suffern

-Liquorland 250 Rt. 59 Suffern

-Shoprite 250 Rt. 59 Suffern

-7/11 2 College Rd. Monsey

-Shell Minimart 83 Rt. 59 Monsey

-Citgo 74 Rt. 59 Monsey

-Goldpath Liquors 45 Rt. 59 Monsey

-7/11 Main St. Hillcrest

-CrestHill Liquors 285 N Main St. Hillcrest

-Bravo 286 N. Main St. Hillcrest

-Sunoco 298 N. Main St. Hillcrest

-Iryna Liquors 298 N. Main St. Hillcrest

-Guzzles 362 N. Main St. Hillcrest

-Hillcrest Beverage 297 N. Main St. Hillcrest

-Deli-licous 1621 Rt 202 Pomona

-J. Evans Liquors 1621 Rt. 202 Pomona

-Stop & Shop 1581 Rt. 202 Pomona

-Mobil 477 Rt. 306 Wesley Hills

-Rite Aid 455 Rt. 306 Wesley Hills

-Grapevine Liquors 455 Rt. 306 Wesley Hills

-Quickie Mart 191 Rt. 59 Airmont

-7/11 28 Rt. 59 Suffern

-Stop N Go 64 E. Eckerson Rd Hillcrest

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