Anti-Block Vote webpage provokes backlash with nasty post


While Rockland County employee James Foley has attracted over 10,000 followers to his Block the Block Vote Facebook page that urges Rockland and Orange residents to organize against the influence of religious Jewish communities in the area, this week he overplayed his hand and earned sour remarks from Rocklanders.

Foley took issue with the fact that a 7-11 in a Orthodox/Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn decided to hold their annual free slurpie giveaway on July 12 instead of July 11, which fell on a Saturday, the Jewish sabbath. Foley accused “Block vote looters” all the way in Brooklyn of “bullying” an “American icon.”

The nonsensical rant by Foley did not go over well even with his followers and Foley soon deleted the post.  The post later became a subject for discussion on a social media group called “Exposing Block the Block Vote.”

Commenter Zorach M. Spira said, “A private business chose to change a day that they were going to give out something for free is a problem to these [jerks]? I’m sure the 7-11 store…saw it as a potential money making venture and decided to go with it. Now the kids that got this mini-slurpee will pester their parents to bring them back in the future for more. I call it good business thinking!”

Others noted that the post had nothing to do with politics and referred to customers of 7-11 as looters simply because of their religion.

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