Senator Bill Larkin Fights to Secure Millions for North Rockland Communities Affected by Closure of Coal Burning Power Plants


Senator Bill Larkin (R, C – Cornwall-On-Hudson) in a letter written to Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan called for the inclusion of Stony Point, Haverstraw and the North Rockland School District in legislation recently approved that allocates $19 million to assist communities in which a fossil fuel-powered generating station has been permanently closed.

“The North Rockland taxpayers were devastated by the closing of the Lovett Coal Burning Plant and the reassessments and tax settlements of both Lovett and the Bowline Power Plants,” stated Senator Larkin in his letter. “I am asking that you consider the communities in North Rockland when allocating funds pursuant to this new program.”

As a result of its closure and demolition, the Stony Point Town and School district assessments of the Lovett plant were reduced from $1.1 billion to little more than vacant land value. In the Town of Haverstraw the Bowline Power Plant once made up approximately 30 percent of the total town property tax collections. Today, the plant represents less than 2 percent of the town’s total collections. The impact on local property owners has been devastating.

In a statement the Stony Point Town Board members Finn, Basile, Monaghan, Javenes and White praised Larkin’s efforts. “The closure of the Lovett Power Plant and its subsequent demolition dealt a serious blow to our tax base and consequently every Stony Point taxpayer. We applaud Senator Bill Larkin’s leadership in reaching out to Governor Cuomo urging him to support the allocation of a portion of these new funds to Stony Point. State regulations forced the closure of Lovett and that has meant a loss of at least $10 million to the people of Stony Point. This assistance has been a long time in coming and would help bring property tax relief to our families and seniors who need to stay and thrive here.”

Senator Larkin and his staff have been working closely with officials from the Towns of Stony Point and Haverstraw and the North Rockland School District from the first minute potential funding became available dealing with this new program.

“Senator Larkin continues to fight for the Town of Haverstraw,” said Supervisor Howard Phillips. “We have worked very closely with his office and due to our senator’s efforts he has put North Rockland taxpayers in the best position possible to ensure that our community has a chance at securing funds when they become available.”

Under the recently passed legislation the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority would contribute $19 million to the state urban development corporation. The money would then become available in select communities. Senator Larkin has asked that the Town of Stony Point, Town of Haverstraw and the North Rockland School District be included in funding due to significant financial hardship brought about by the closure of Lovett and reduced operations at the Bowline Power Plant.

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