Nyack Features New Initiatives for the 2015-2016 Academic Year


DSCN6629Nyack School District Superintendent Dr. James J. Montesano told the Rockland County Times that 21st century learning “defines and illustrates the skills and knowledge students will need to succeed in work, life and citizenship.”

Proceeding from this philosophy the school district has implemented the ‘Stemscopes’ K-12 program from Rice University and the Illuminate, Do, Experience, Assess (I.D.E.A.) approach for a science inquiry-based, student-teacher balanced, module-oriented curriculum. It is used to unify the science curriculum across three buildings to provide vertical and horizontal articulation allowing teachers to collaborate within, as well as across schools and grade levels.

STEAM is an educational pathway to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics for stimulating student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. Through the generous fund-raising efforts of Inspire Nyack, a music computer lab was built. Students will learn to compose, perform and record their musical compositions using music software instead of musical instruments. In the high school, the Introduction to Engineering module exposes students to biomedical engineering. Also, the DaVinci Center C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design) program is replacing Mac computers with 3-D printers.

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