Friedman Calls For Firing of Councilwoman’s Husband Due to Failed Civil Service Test


In the wake of new information from the Rockland County Department of Personnel, Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman has called for Supervisor St. Lawrence to replace Bernard Charles, the husband of his running mate Councilwoman Brendel Logan-Charles, as the Recreation Activities Coordinator for the Town of Ramapo.

The Councilwoman’s husband was hired as a provisional employee in 2014, and his continued employment, according to the agreement reached between Supervisor St. Lawrence and the Town Board, would be based on his civil service test scores. The Rockland County Department of Personnel, in a Freedom of Information Request, released this information about Bernard Charles:

“Mr. Bernard Charles took these 2 exams:

Recreation Activities Coordinator (OC) Exam # 65-326, exam date February 4, 2012 – he failed this exam.

Recreation Facility Supervisor (OC) exam # 66-094, exam date May 03, 2014 – his score is 75.00 and he ranked 45th.

“I am not sure what is more appalling – that he did so poorly on these tests, or that his wife, together with Supervisor St. Lawrence, hid these test results from the Town Board and kept him in his job,” said Councilman Friedman. “There have been serious issues since the first day he started, and I have called time and again for his removal for improper behavior, malfeasance, and simply not showing up to work. This is certainly the final straw, and it is time for him to go.”

This morning, Councilman Friedman sent an e-mail to Supervisor St. Lawrence, Town Attorney Michael Klein, Personnel Director Linda Condon, and CSEA President Brian Spillman. In it, he outlined the numerous infractions Mr. Charles committed since starting his employment, including not showing up to work, asking his superior to consult his wife, Councilwoman Logan-Charles, about his refusal to follow directions, and other issues. All these issues were made known to Supervisor St. Lawrence months ago, but no action was taken. In light of the test results, Friedman has asked that at the Town Board meeting to be held Thursday morning at 10 a.m., the Board hold a vote on removing Mr. Charles from his job.

“Civil service exams were created to remove nepotism and favoritism from the process of hiring in government,” Friedman continued. “It is disheartening that 44 people – many who live in our town – who are more qualified for this position than Bernard Charles, were rejected, only because Mr. Charles is married to a Councilwoman. Brendel Logan-Charles has gone too far in abusing her elected position for her personal profit, while voting for the St. Lawrence tax increases that go to pay her family members and herself.”

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