As the mayor of the Village of Spring Valley, New York I believe it is important that Village business be conducted professionally and responsibly by all village officials and village employees. Walter Booker running to the media for headlines to announce his return to work is neither professional, nor responsible action by a village employee. Since Mr. Booker has elected to bring to the public current village issues, the public should know the truth.

First, Mr. Booker did not have to call on the village police chief to return to work in the Village after a recent Court Decision. Mr. Booker returned with two trustees and presented the court decision. All village officials, including myself, respected that court decision. Second, Mr. Booker stated that “We’ve been behind the 8-ball” to the media. If that is so, it is because the district attorney for the County of Rockland has taken Mr. Booker’s Building Department computer to investigate criminal activity and issues related to that investigation have clearly impacted on the administration of the Building Department. Third, it was on Mr. Booker’s watch that New York State found substantial deficiencies in activities of the Building Department.

Finally, I have pledged to do all that can be done to make certain the health, safety and welfare of village residents is protected. Having competent and more building inspectors is the way to accomplish that goal. I again ask all in village government to join with me in that effort. We in the village need to focus on good village government and not media headlines.

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