You can always tell when the Journal News has a slow news day.  The Journal News finds a reason to defame the Village of Spring Valley.  It is time that the Journal News stops defaming this minority community. We do (like other municipalities) have negative stories in this village, but we have many, many more positive stories of a diverse minority community pulling together to work, pray and otherwise enjoy our Village.

All village residents should know that I have never allowed directly or indirectly any misuse of village funds.  I and other village officials were investigated by the FBI for years and there was never even a single claim of municipal misconduct against me. The accusation that I was somehow having village employees providing a public benefit to a private person is fundamentally false. At the time of this alleged incident, I was in Washington, DC helping the Village obtain more Federal help.  I do know, that the person who claims wrongdoing was someone that I wanted to be separated from Village employment because of his own wrongdoing.  So, it is no surprise that someone with an axe to grind against me is using the media falsely for that purpose.

What all village residents should know is that I have asked the Journal News to report the true story about the Village of Spring Valley. The Journal News has refused to do so.  That true story is the new hotels who are now in the process of coming into this village.  That true story is that new businesses are locating into this village.  The true story is that village residents are putting the past behind and focusing on a better tomorrow.

So, if the Journal New has a slow news day, they should report the truth about Spring Valley that this is a great and diverse Village with many, many positive stories to tell.  I invite the Media to report on the progress in Spring Valley and not the many rumors and falsehoods about this great village.

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme

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