Diederich sues to get on ballot for R.C. Legislature; Otherwise, incumbent will run unopposed


Mike Diederich, Jr., an attorney from Stony Point, has filed a lawsuit seeking a place on the ballot for November’s election.

Incumbent Legislator Doug Jobson filed objections to Diederich’s designating petition in August, and the R.C. Board of Elections upheld the objections, finding Diederich to be 14 signatures short of the number needed.

Diederich says: “I obtained about 100 signatures more that needed, recognizing that some signatures will be invalidated for various reasons.  However, I did not expect my opponent to challenge signatures that appear valid on their face, or for the Board of Elections to invalidate signatures on mere technicalities.”

“The people want a choice in the general election,” Diederich says.  “That’s why people took the time to sign these designating petitions.”  It will be a shame if only the incumbent is on the ballot in November.”

“Hopefully, the courts will rule in my favor and allow the People a choice in November,” says Diederich.

Diederich lost to Jobson by 9 votes in the 2007 General Election.  Diederich says he decided to run this year because the local Democratic Party decided to let Mr. Jobson run unopposed.  Diederich is running as an independent.

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