Spring Valley Police investigate Delhomme tape theft

delhommePolice in Spring Valley investigated the removal of video footage of an outburst by Mayor Demeza Delhomme by Village Clerk Kathryn Ball, but the incident is not likely to lead to criminal charges.

According to police, copies of the video, which showed Delhomme angrily telling fellow trustees that he was the “king of the village,” were dropped in the mailboxes of Trustees Asher Grossman and Vilair Fonvil by a contractor paid to record such closed-door board meetings. After Delhomme was made aware of the drops, he ordered Ball to remove the videos from the boxes.

The two trustees, who specifically requested the videos, reported that they were not in the boxes and police investigated the case as a petty larceny in June. However, after the investigation was closed, the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office stated no charges would be leveled in connection to the incident.

Delhomme, who has been at odds with the Village Board over his outrageous, sometimes illegal behavior, stated in his defense that all requests for DVDs have to go through him before footage can be released.

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