unnamedOn Monday Rockland County announced that four new buses are now in service in Rockland County’s Transport of Rockland (TOR) fleet.

The buses – two 29-foot and two 35-foot vehicles – are painted in the traditional white and green TOR colors and feature a low-floor design for easy boarding. The vehicles also include front door wheelchair access ramps; front, rear and street-side destination signage; “stop request” signal buttons and touch tape; and bicycle racks. The two larger buses also have rear exit doors.

The Gillig buses utilize Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel, are equipped with particulate traps and have engines that are certified to the most current U.S. EPA standards for particulate matter.

The bus purchase was made using 80-percent Federal Transit Administration funds, 10-percent New York State Department of Transportation dollars and 10-percent local transportation funds. No Rockland County tax dollars were used to purchase the vehicles.

The total cost for the purchase of the four buses, related equipment and warranties is approximately $1.5 million. The county was able to hold down the cost of the buses by utilizing remaining bid options from an Orange County, New York contract with Gillig LLC, the bus manufacturer.

The new buses replace some of the fleet’s oldest vehicles.

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