Haitians Need Not Apply: New City Pennysaver Ad Causes National Stir due to Racist Language

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 12108052_10153671310954524_4453527625822263344_nA national home healthcare company is under investigation for a discriminatory help-wanted job ad it placed in a local newspaper.

Interim HealthCare Inc. published a “help wanted” ad last week in the New City Pennysaver, saying it was looking for a nurse and that “no Haitians” need apply for the position.

“Laid back nurse, no haitians, must have strong respiratory mngt,” read the ad in the Oct. 15 issue of the New City Pennysaver.

The ad sparked outrage in Rockland, especially in the Haitian community, and ultimately the story became a national viral sensation making it all the way to the front page of major news media websites.

Democratic State Sen. David Carlucci said the ad represented a “blatant form of employment discrimination” and called on an investigation by the New York State Department of Labor and the federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.

“I am outraged that this help wanted ad was posted and I stand in solidarity with many throughout the community who are equally outraged,” Carlucci wrote.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent a letter to Interim Healthcare saying the ad violates federal and state civil rights laws barring discrimination in hiring. He is requesting the company had to submit documents showing remedial steps it has taken with respect to the ad, the names of all staff and personnel responsible for hiring nurses and nurses’ aides, the names of all those responsible for creating and distributing employment ads, copies of all employment ads and copies of any complaints related to discrimination, harassment and retaliation, among other requirements.

Interim Healthcare has since apologized for the ad, and said it was working with its franchisee to understand what happened. The company says it has engaged an independent third-party to conduct a comprehensive review, and will reassess its policies and procedures to ensure such an ad never again appears on its behalf.

The Rockland Pennysaver has also apologized, saying the ad was published by mistake and without “proper editing protocol.”

The New York State Nurses Association gathered by the busloads at the Nanuet offices of Interim Healthcare on Wednesday night to express their dissatisfaction with the ad’s language.

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