Day still has possible budget vetoes up his sleeve

Reports by the Journal News of a 10 percent county tax increase are presumptuous in light of the fact County Executive Ed Day still has vetoes up his sleeve and the County Legislature only narrowly passed their amendments to Day’s budget, which would have raised taxes only about 5 percent. Day can veto the entirety of the Legislature’s amendments package or choose to go line by line.  He has until 5 p.m. Friday to decide.

Day told the public on Monday:

“The county budget process continues as the county legislature weighed in and despite nine weeks of criticism by some, they pretty much affirmed the direction my proposed budget laid out EXCEPT their amended 2016 county budget increased spending and restored positions that I cut. By charter, I can either accept or reject the entirety or wield a veto by specific lines. With a proposed tax increase now hovering around 10 percent instead of the $4 per month I proposed, I will weigh the matter and veto where necessary, accept what makes sense in their plan, and necessarily yield to the direction of the NYS Comptroller on matters of policy.”

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