Is this the Craigslist ad that led to murder?


Dylan Lentini, 19, pled not guilty to four counts of murder in the second and three counts of robbery in the first this morning at the Rockland County Courthouse. Lentini stood next to his public defenders, Kenneth Murphy and Walter Sakowski, wearing an orange jump suit with a green jacket.

Lentini claims that Wimbert, 66, tried to sexually molest him as he slept. His lawyers also claimed that on multiple occasions during his stay with Wimbert he had to defend himself prior to the fatal stabbing.

Wimbert picked up Dylan Lentini on Nov 27 at a White Plains train station after Lentini responded to his Craigslist ad for a roommate, according to Clarkstown PD. Sources inside the case confirmed Wimbert was looking for an unusual living situation since he was only requesting males ages 18-25.

A Craigslist ad that has not been removed since the Dec. 1 slay of Michael Wilbert appears to match the facts of the situation. It was reposted two days before Lentini and Wimbert met for the first time.

This is the ad listed in Craigslist Hudson Valley rooms/shared (see below).

Craigslist posted in Hudson Valley Room 2 days before Lentini and Wilbert met for the first time.
What do you think? This ad was reposted in Hudson Valley Room two days before Lentini and Wilbert met for the first time.

Clarkstown PD wouldn’t rule it out when contacted for comment.



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