To the Editor,

My name is Ted Goodman and I am a member of Vietnam Veterans of America, Rockland County, NY, Chapter 333. One of the missions of Chapter 333 is to raise money to purchase hand cycles for returning disabled Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans with spinal cord injuries and/or leg amputations. Many of your readers have seen us raising money at local Street Fairs and in the Palisades Mall.

I placed a collection jar in a local deli, Drew’s Place on Old Route 304 in New City. Many of Drew’s customers have been dropping into the jar their change and dollar bills over these past many months. We at Chapter 333 thank them for their generosity. On Monday, December 7, the day that we Americans commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor, at a few minutes after 4 p.m. a white male in his early 20s, wearing a hoodie came into the deli. After distracting the owner Drew, he grabbed the collection jar, ran out of the deli and into a waiting car and drove off.

It sickens me just how low people in our community, no society can behave. I am certainly not comparing this action to the horrific events that took place recently in California. However, it does take the lowest form of being to perform such an act of taking monies earmarked for disabled veterans. It is these veterans who have sacrificed themselves so we can live our lives freely. I can only think of the old proverb, “What goes around comes around.” It cannot happen too soon to this miserable individual.

Ted Goodman
VVA Chapter 333
Rockland County, NY

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