What does 2016 have in store for us? Local psychic Maya Nash gives us a glimpse


Maya Nash, local Nyack psychic and tarot card reader

Nyack-based psychic Maya Nash gave an exclusive interview to the Rockland County Times this week to share her predictions for the new year.

Nash is well-known around the country as a psychic and radio host. She has been reading tarot cards at her shop Mind Over Matter, 85 S. Broadway, Nyack for past 14 years.

So what are some of her claimed successes? According to Nash, on the eve of 2001’s New Year, she predicted something ominous would happen in September. The following fall, September 11 occurred, an event that forever changed the world. The day before 2009’s “Miracle on the Hudson,” Nash says she predicted a plane covered in water in the Hudson River. On January 15, 2009, Pilot “Sully” Sullenberg landed flight 1549 in the Hudson River, which avoided catastrophe and saved the lives of 150 passengers. Nash also said she accurately predicted Michael Jackson’s June 2009 death.

image1Here’s what Maya Nash says will happen in 2016:

2016 Presidential Race Predictions

·      By July, the presidential race will have turned into “a circus overrun by kindergarteners.”

·      A male from the Republican Party wins the race, but it is not Donald Trump.

2016 World Events Predictions

·      Nash does not see any terrorist attack in Rockland County or New York State, but does see an international event involving an airliner in April.·   

2016 Celebrity Predictions

·      Kim and Kanye break up due to interference from Kim’s mother, Chris.

·      More bad news for Lindsay Lohan with Lohan possibly dying young.

·      A lot of sadness around Justin Bieber, possible trip to rehab and calamity.

·      Angelina Jolie’s health returns and she becomes more politically involved.

2016 Local Weather

·      Nash predicts severe weather with tornado-like activity during the summer of 2016.

·      A huge blackout during the summer of 2016.

·      Nyack’s downtown sees more flooding in the spring.

Sports Predictions 

·      Nash sees the Mets in the 2016 World Series.

·      Nash also predicted this is going to be a good year financially for Rockland County. It is theChinese year of Metal, and Nash says that means money will be “easy come, easy go” for the area.

Nash reads cards by appointment Thursday-Sunday in her Nyack shop, 845-300-1967.

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